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Photographic & Media Services

Photo: Marie Frechon

Anne (above) in fearless pursuit of shots, such as the one below, of a Buzkashi match in Afghanistan.

Photo: Anne Arran

theFreeClimber has worked with a wide variety of publishing and other media clients, a list of many of which can be found on our Media History Page. We can help with many photographic and media requirements such as:

Photo Library Images

Photographic Assignments

TV and Media Support



Photo Library Images

We maintain a library of excellent images from our travels, climbs and other adventures throughout many parts of the world. Exotic locations include Venezuela, Pakistan, Madagascar and Afghanistan but we also have an extensive collection of climbing images from around Europe.

If you need a unique image for your book, magazine or advertisement use this form to tell us what you're looking for and we'll try and let you know without delay if we can help.

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Photographic Assignments

As expert climbers and photographers we are available to undertake commissioned photography for a publishing project, travel guide, travel company or editorial piece. Other areas of work include capturing the essence of lifestyle within a location, reportage for international events and brochure images for hotels and resorts.

We specialise particularly in outdoor, travel, mountain and landscape photography.

We have wide experience of operating in extreme and challenging environments, from jungles to deserts to high mountains, as illustrated by our successful climbing expeditions in places such as Venezuela's Angel Falls, Egypt's Sinai desert and Pakistan's Karakorum - to name but a few. Also, working on major events such as the Climbing World Championships and the Afghanistan Elections in Kabul has given us experience of shooting well in often difficult circumstances.

We are happy to work in full-frame digital or 35mm slide format, and would be happy to accept bookings for:

  • Creating a professional photo record of your or your organisation's trek or climb
  • Producing high quality travel, product and lifestyle images
  • Assisting in the planning of reconnaissance and filming trips
  • Photographing sporting or cultural events

With enough notice we could be available for periods of up to two months.

The price will depend on the scope and nature of the assignment but we will reply without delay to all quote requests.

Please complete this enquiry form or contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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Photo: John Arran

On vertical location – reenacting military manoevres in South Wales

TV and Broadcast Media Support

We have considerable experience of working with TV, radio and Video producers in producing high-quality broadcast productions. We can help with location information, logistics and climbing support, either within the UK or in countries where we may have unique specific experience and expertise.

In particular we would be able to help with detailed information and local logistic support for filming in remote regions of Venezuela, Pakistan, Madagascar and China and a variety of other countries. And if we can't help we will probably know someone who can!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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theFreeClimber images have many times been featured in physical and online photographic galleries.

If you would like to display a collection of theFreeClimber images in your gallery or other public place, or if you would like us to provide an exhibition of our images to feature in your gallery, please contact us to discuss your requirements, or leave a message via the form below and we'll get back to you quickly.

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Send your request via the form below and we will tell you quickly if we can provide exactly what you're looking for:

your name:
your email:
your query: