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John helping a leader on Froggatt Pinnacle. Photo: Tony Stock

Learn with the Experts

Anne and John Arran can help you and your friends achieve your potential:-

  • Become a more confident leader.
  • Learn how to get stronger, fitter and more proficient.
  • Climb fantastic and challenging routes.
  • Realise they're not so hard after all!
  • Pick our brains on everything from gear choice to mental approach.
  • Get personalised feedback on what you can do next to keep improving.

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Always wanted to do that once-in-a-lifetime route but never quite felt up to it? Drop us a line and we'll help you achieve your dreams.

Photo: John Arran
Uniquely tailored opportunities for maximum benefit
Photo: Anne Arran

Coaching in the Peak District - Take your Climbing to the Next Level

We offer climbing coaching for individuals and groups in the Peak District, whether you are seeking help with Wall to Rock transfer, or to improve in your chosen area, we can help. Read more...

Photo: John Arran

Sun Rock Coaching - You Decide Where!

Holiday courses from long weekends to multi-week adventures are possible on demand. We are happy to hear your ideas of where you would like to go and what aspects of your climbing you would like assitance with. In order to climb in the sun long weekends are possible, with availability through November 2008. Overseas locations are possible throughout the winter. Read more...

Photo: John Arran

Expedition Planning: Advice & Assistance

We are experienced expedition planners in Alpine, desert and tropical environments, and as individuals have fulfilled professional support roles within many international organisations. We know all about grant funding options, working to timelines in high pressure situations, as well continuing to be effective in difficult circumstances, or harsh environments, or both. Read more...

Climbing Sessions & Masterclass

For individuals or club members who really want to improve their climbing and realise that training and technique advice can seriously speed up the process. The masterclasses can take place either indoors or on the crag (Individual and group rates available, up to 6 climbers per coach). They can be structured into progressive day or weekend sessions for those who would like to be armed with the best possible skills to improve. Read more...

Hone your Skills courses
Photo: John Arran

Inside Out: Moving from wall to rock

We aim to get you climbing confidently and precisely outdoors on at least two types of rock. Essential skills such as rope work and belaying will be covered ,allowing you to proceed at your own pace. And of course you'll have fun in the process! Read more...
Photo: John Arran

Sport Climbing Focus Weekend

Cost (weekend): £175/person

This two day course, maximum ratio 1:3, provides another great introduction to climbing outside. It is based in the Peak and gives an introduction to single pitch sport climbing (bolted protection). We can also run this day as a masterclass so if you would like to redpoint your first 8a we can help too! Read more...

Photo: John Arran

Peak Bouldering Day: Flowing on rock - with optional evening slideshow!

There are many fantastic bouldering options in the Peak District from slab gems to crimpy walls, arêtes and roofs. After meeting in a Peak café at 9.30am we spend a full day bouldering in at least two different areas, finishing at about 4:30pm. Maximum ratio 1:6. Read more...

Courses for special occasions: Have fun & improve your climbing!
Photo: John Arran

Classic Peak District Rock Tour: Trad Plus

A trad journey of some of the best climbs around the Peak District (1:2 max.) The Peak District offers some of the finest gritstone climbing in the UK. If you are already climbing severe or above and would like to enjoy following some of the Peak's more challenging routes or leading a selection of the best easier climbs, we will give you a fantastic day to remember. Read more...

Photo: John Arran

Pinnacles and/or Chimneys of the Peak

A day of adventurous climbing on some of the Peak's most interesting routes from the semi-subterranean to the photogenic pointed summit. Max. 1:2. Read more...

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More coaching opportunities coming soon!

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